About Our Swivel Fishing Rod Holders

Heavy Duty Swivel Base Rod Holders

STARTING AT: $165.00

Skurge Of The Sea Standard Series Heavy Duty Swivel Base Rod Holders
are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, and feature a mirror finish ¼” thick 5” x 4” top plate with 4 mounting holes to accommodate 3/8" diameter countersunk bolts. A proprietary feature standard on our holders is that the rod tube is recessed up into the top plate to help minimize flexing and weld failure at the point where the rod tube and top mounting plate meet via a heavy-duty weld. Available in 0, 15 and 30 degree angles.

The Rod tube is made from 1/8” thick walled stainless steel. It is designed to accept all 130 size class bent butts and features a close tolerance fit with a heavy-duty press fit liner to minimize the rod from rocking back and forth in rough seas and this also create a more secure feel while resting in the rod holder. (Replacement liners are available.) Our rod tube also features a heavy duty swivel mechanism which is a one-piece design, 100% machined from stainless steel round stock (not made from multiple pieces welded together like other rod holders on the market). The bottom of the rod tube has a ¼” thick stainless steel floor to support the swivel mechanism and has ample clearance for water to drain quickly.

The backing plate comes standard in 1/8” thick stainless steel and features a proprietary safety line bracket which can be positioned at any of the 4 mounting through holes and rotated to fit your clearance needs. Custom size, and shape, backing plates up to ¼” thick available at no extra cost when a minimum of four rod holders are purchased at once.

Overall length is 12” and is currently available in 90 (0) Degree orientation. 15 and 30 degree models, along with 9” deep models accommodate smaller stand up trolling class rods!


Proudly Made in the U.S.A.


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  • Model: ROD-1100
  • Manufactured by: Skurge of the Sea