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Captain Mike Vitagliano has been a fisherman his entire life. He has loved the excitement of catching fish since childhood by means of traps, nets, spears and of course, rod-n-reel. This love grew exponentially when he started venturing further offshore, hunting and harpooning big game, like Swordfish, Shark and Giant Bluefin Tuna.

Over the years of fishing with offshore Captains and tournament teams, Captain Mike desired to improve the tools he and his crew were using and eventually breaking under the strain that they were putting them under.  It was on the "Proving Grounds", that he decided there was a need in the offshore fishing community for a higher quality line of offshore equipment.  

Skurge of the Sea was founded by a like-minded group of Captains, Pirates, and Fishermen, each possessing particularly specialized sets of skills. Born of one common goal: to hunt, film, catch, tag and harvest large oceanic Pelagics for recreational enjoyment, sustenance and for tournament gold, these skills, and the constant drive to build a better fish trap, Skurge of the Sea developed and utilized a new breed of “end game” weaponry that is unique, innovative and more “error proof” than its’ predecessors… And, due to our line of high quality Pirate apparel, we look damn good doing it!  


Between 2011 and 2019, Captain Mike and the Skurge of the Sea LLC team has been traveling around to trade shows and fishing tournaments building up the reputation and impressive reviews of the Skurge of the Sea brand.

All of this combined experience, knowledge of the products, all the nuances of how to use the equipment, and wonderful, friendly “Skurgy” personalities are why Skurge of the Sea is successful. 

Customer Service is top-notch because Capt. Mike, himself is always happy to assist his customers…  Even while actually floating around in the deep, waiting for the “bite”.

Not only is our Skurge team helpful in teaching about fishing, but also extremely charitable with time and that attention given freely outside of the fishing industry, to support local communities. We feel that it is important to be quality people too.  


 To us, there is no competition because they just offer inferior equipment, greed and, of course, fish stories about that one that got away. 


Five Reasons To Choose Skurge of the Sea:

1) We don’t compete with imported equipment manufactured in other countries. Our “end game” equipment is manufactured in the United Stated of America using materials from the USA, and this is an honor we value.

2) Other products will never be as revolutionary, since Skurge of the Sea is able to continue inventing better and better sport fishing equipment from real life experience, which is the real key in developing the best products to fish with. This is true for any industry creating products.  


Skurge of the Sea fabricating


3) We meticulously fabricate and inspect our products before packaging and shipping to ensure success. Our quality-control standards are our top priority. We are truly amongst those at the pinnacle of the industry. 

4) Having personally placed Skurge of the Sea products into the hands of highly reputable sport fishing and commercial fishing Captains across the United States for ten years, our products have been strutting around on the decks of full time charter and commercial fishing boats, tried, true, and tested by known, “working” Captains, as well as those in the Tournament / Recreational sport fishing environment.  

5) At Skurge of the Sea, we are quite proud of our products and stand behind them 100%. All of our “end game” tools come with a warranty against manufacturers’ defects that occur under intended use for the duration of one year… We are also willing to retrofit existing products with upgrades as they are introduced to the market, for a minimal fee. 


“Imitation is the highest form of flattery” ~ Oscar Wilde

A big compliment to Skurge of the Sea’s success is having these proprietary designs rebranded and sold by other manufacturers.  In reality, that is Kinda like getting your Captains, "Sloppy Seconds". We actually fish our products in the Commercial and Sportfishing circles and strive to upgrade and improve upon our older models year after year.  You can count on Skurge of the Sea LLC products, designed to be the highest quality products on the market, with innovative aspects that make fishing faster, easier, and more rewarding, so you get the thrill of the catch more often.


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