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Summary About Our Legendary Moneyshot Commercial, Standard, and Deluxe Harpoons

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If you are in the market looking for high quality end game and fishing tools please take some time to compare the value and the quality of the Skurge of the Sea line against some of the other harpoon and end game tools on the market. We can guarantee that you will not find another end game tool manufacturer that will offer you the same level of craftsmanship, quality, options, and design benefits as Skurge of the Sea!

The Money Shot Harpoon is designed to harpoon stubborn fish that refuse to come to the surface within gaffing range. The design and balance make it ideal for throwing at targets as well as sticking fish boat side. All Skurge of the Sea, Moneyshot Series Harpoons also features a patent pending, dart retention system. This mechanism keeps the harpoon dart from sliding off the shaft should extreme slack be present in the harpoon line while the harpoon is being held in the “strike position”.


Key Features

Money Shot One Piece Harpoons (Standard Models, Deluxe Models): 8' Feet Overall Length and weigh 7 and up yo 10 pounds. Money-Shot Harpoon Handles are short enough to store in a gunwale rod holder or in your boats cabin when Dart Shaft is removed.

Money Shot Two Piece Harpoons: 10' Feet Assembled Overall Length and weigh 10 pounds. Disassembled this model fits neatly into our own custom made carrying bag measuring just under 5 feet in length.

Commercial and Standard Models feature a smooth handle and Deluxe Models feature Diamond knurled grips on the back section of the harpoon handle to give the user a true no slip grip with wet or bait slime covered hands. No Foam grips or Sandblasted handles.

All Components of the Money-Shot Harpoon Series are manufactured and assembled in the USA using USA manufactured materials.

Money-Shot Harpoons come rigged with a harpoon dart (Bronze Dart or  Penetrator Dart) and your choice of 1700 lb/test Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Cable or 3/16" diameter 5000 lb/test Dyneema Rope, and come with a carrying/storage bag made in the same manufacturing facility as our harpoons and gaffs, right here in the USA!

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A Money-shot harpoon allows greater reach and accuracy, causes less damage to fish, and overall is much more effective and safer in landing large Tuna, Swordfish, Shark, Kraken or any other large Pelagic species. 

    Moneyshot harpoon models - commercial harpoon, standard harpoon, deluxe moneyshot harpoons

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    How to Choose a Money-shot Harpoon

    Choose the model you want first, based on these specs: 

    Commercial Model –  (C)
    1” Plain Handle
    12” or 18” Dart Shaft  (12 ro 18)
    Dart Rigging can be either Dyneema or Stainless (D or S)

    Commercial Harpoon Handle -

    12 inch Dart Shaft:
    (C12D Dyneema Dart Line ~or~ C12S Steel cable Dart Line) 

    18 inch Dart Shaft:
    (C18D Dyneema Dart Line ~or~ C18S Steel cable Dart Line)


    Standard Model –  (S)
    1.125” Plain Handle
    12” or 18” Dart Shafts (12 or 18)
    Dart Rigging can be either Dyneema or Stainless (D or S)

    Standard Harpoon Handle -

    12 inch Dart Shaft:
    (S12D Dyneema Dart Line ~or~ S12S Steel cable Dart Line)

    18 inch Dart Shaft:
    (S18D Dyneema Dart Line ~or~ S18S Steel cable Dart Line)


    Deluxe Model – (D)
    1.125” Knurled Handle with a steel tip
    12” or 18” Dart Shafts (12 or 18)
    Dart Rigging can be either Dyneema or Stainless (D or S)

    Deluxe Harpoon Handle -

    12 inch Dart Shaft:
    D12D Dyneema Dart Line ~or~ D12S Steel cable Dart Line)                     

    18 inch Dart Shaft:
    (D18D Dyneema Dart Line ~or~ D18S Steel Cable Dart Line)


    Optional upgrades below are the same for all models. You will learn all about your upgrade options on the upgrades page. You will choose your options after you choose your model and go to that product page.

    • 10-ft (with 2-ft extension)
    • Dyneema Soft Shackle or D-Shackle (316 Stainless Steel)
    • Brass Penetrator Dart or Plated Brass Penetrator Dart 

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